Smart Products, Smart Services, and AI: At this year’s Hanover Fair in Hanover, Germany, Accenture will explore how industrial companies can leverage digital to enable new solutions, new business models – and new growth.
The digitization of industries is out of the gate. But many companies are still experimenting with ways to master phase one, digitizing operations for greater efficiency. And only a few have already made it to phase two: digitizing their offerings and business models.
Accenture research shows that, while 80 percent of industry executives expect both efficiency and growth from digital, only 13 invest correspondingly.
This is exactly what Accenture wants to change.

Moving beyond “phase one”
In the @DigitalFactory, Hall 6, Stand H46, we will demonstrate practical ways for moving beyond the efficiency-phase, and into new offerings, business models, and growth.
Our showcases, workshops and panels will highlight best practices for creating, managing, and selling digitized, smart products and services for the “Industry X.0”.
And we will help visitors explore key enabling technologies, too: Artificial Intelligence for industrial, IIoT platforms, Digital Twin and Digital Thread, and Embedded Software.
If you’re interested to visit our booth, get a guided tour of our showcases, or participate in any of our workshops or panel sessions: just let us know!

Our key themes and stories for Hanover
Accenture’s fair program and showcases will cover:
– Smart Products, Smart Services
– AI for industrial: Artificial intelligence for Smart Products and operations
– Digital Twin, Digital Thread: how to enable “virtual value chains”
– Embedded Software, the key component of Smart Products
– Digital Innovation: How to re-write the innovation playbook in industrial
– Digital Engineering, Digital PLM: Engineering Smart Products, efficiently

We’ll also host an evening event on diversity in industrial, and highlight the opportunities that digitization and the Industry X.0 can bring to women in engineering.

Our Hanover highlights
– Five Industry X.0 showcase stations on our 330 m² show booth
– Extensive workshop and panel program: Daily keynotes and panels with experts from Accenture, Accenture clients and partners, and other industry thought leaders
– Key results of our most recent, multi-country market survey on AI in Smart Products (press release will follow)

Accenture showcases (selection)
As usual, Accenture will present tech showcases that have been developed by our Labs and Innovation Centers, with partners, or for clients. These will include showcases on:

– Smart Products and CRM integration: shows how sensors send operating data from an industrial engine through the IoT and into a CRM system, where it is used to fuel predictive apps and customer service and sales interactions. Example: sensor data refer to an imminent motor fault; The CRM software determines this and informs the key account manager. She then contacts the customer using the machine and offers further maintenance and consulting services. Leverages an Accenture solution for Salesforce Fullforce.

– “Gamified” Machine Learning showcase: shows how complex machine learning works. This showcase pits a human player against an AI algorithm in a game of skill. The AI has been “learning” how to play using Deep Reinforcement Learning, a method for training neural networks with big data and “rewards” for successful behavior. This showcase helps players to understand how DRL works. The method is considered to be an extremely effective and versatile kind of Machine Learning and could be used in many industrial AI scenarios.

– Digital Thread for factory automation: shows how digital twin and digital thread solutions can be used for factory automation. Digital representations of a factory site and the machines and projects within it enable a loading robot to navigate independently through the factory, and to implement both pre-programmed and ad hoc commands. The bot can also react to its immediate environment, as well as to “IIoT triggers” from the web.

Accenture experts on site (selection)
– Sarat Maitin, European General Manager, Connected Products Lifecycle Services
– Aidan Quilligan, total responsibility Managing Director, Industry X.0 Practice
– Frank Riemensperger, Managing Director of Accenture in Germany
– Eric Schaeffer, total responsibility Managing Director, Industrial Equipment Practice
– Andrew Smith, Germany Managing Director, Industry X.0 Practice
– Patrick Vollmer, Germany Managing Director Industrial Equipment Practice

Workshops and Panels
You can find our entire Hanover Messe Program on our #HM18 landing page. We’ll be updating it with more info as the show draws nearer.

Meet Accenture in Hanover
We’re inviting journalists to join us for booth tours, workshops, and panels, and are happy to coordinate both on-site and (pre-show) telephone interviews with our experts.
If you’re interested in any of these options, please drop us a note.

In all other cases, feel free to simply come over to our booth in the @DigitalFactory, Hall 6, stand H46, and check-in at our reception desk.