Trescon to Unveil 6th Edition Big BFSI Future Tech Show in Mumbai

Trescon Logo (PRNewsfoto/Trescon Global Business Solution)

The show will feature key technology experts, high-level executives and some of the latest technological advances in BFSI and NBFC sectors

Big BFSI Future Tech Show is back again, with the sixth edition taking place on 7 June 2018, at Hyatt Regency in Mumbai. It is an ‘invite-only’ event that will host national and international technology experts and thought leaders from within the confines of the BFSI and NBFC sectors. The show is hosted by global business events and consulting firm Trescon.

The banking and financial services industry has noticed a paradigm shift, with the advent of emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Big Data Analysis and Robotics; has seen copious traction within the financial services sector in India over the last year. HDFC (Housing Development and Financial Corporation) has introduced a humanoid robot named ‘IRA‘ (Intelligent Robotic Assistant) to help customers in bank branches to overcome intermediate hurdles. HDFC is also currently using an intelligent Chatbot known as ‘EVA‘ (Electronic Virtual Assistant) to provide online-banking assistance to HDFC’s vast customer base.

The State Bank of India (SBI) has also been open to revolutionary technology, to help in the management of its 400 million customer bank. Every year, SBI hosts a national level Hackathon event, which invites institutions, entrepreneurs and even students to devise innovative ideas to help resolve blaring problems within the banking sector. The innovations should focus primarily on technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Digital Payments and Robotic Process Automation.

Ajay Bohora, MD and CEO of HDFC Credila, had stated, “Upcoming trends, such as the ‘sachetization’ of products and services in the financial services, has been opening up newer avenues for growth. When we couple this with the disruptive forces of disintermediation in the financial services industry,the criticality of the cutting-edge technology driven innovations gets underscored. Big BFSI Future Tech show presents an outstanding opportunity for peer learning in this context,” in an exclusive interview.

The event will feature some of the biggest names from multiple verticals within the financial services industry, as well as private wealth management and equity firms. Tech juggernauts such as Intel, Fujitsu, Reddington, DarktraceThales eSecurity and few other Top brands have partnered with us at this event. Panel discussions and technical presentations at the show will divulge key factoids that go into place whilst incorporating emerging technologies into an institution.

Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon, said, “The banking industry is one of the oldest industries in the world, first originating in the early 15th century. The reason this industry still exists, nearly 500 years into the future, is because of its ability to adapt to its market, as well the requirements and demands of its customer base. Its very existence depends upon emerging technology, and hence, the Big BFSI Future Tech Show aims to shed light on this multi-billion dollar growth machine.

Some of the esteemed speakers who are set to take the stage at the show include Upendra Namburi, CIO & CMO for Bharati AXA General Insurance; Abhijit Shah, CTO for DCB Bank; Kersi Tavadia, CIO for BSE; Anuprita Daga, CISO for Reliance Capital; Ajay Bohora, Co-Founder & MD, HDFC Credila; and Yusuf Roopawalla, Head of Technology for Program and Change Management, Standard Chartered Bank.

The show will culminate with an awards ceremony that will honour the movers and shakers in the industry experts and leaders, who have strived and succeeded in implementing different types of revolutionary technology within their institutions, and ultimately yielded its benefits.