Somatref confirms to attend with Manufacturers Meet Africa

Further to the announcement dated October 2018, concerning the Manufacturers Meet Africa 2018, Mr. Yousef Benkhayat Somatref signed on behalf of Somatref as a Supplier for all the major sectors like Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Government. TraiCon is introducing ‘Manufacturers Meet Africa 2018” to create a unique opportunity to gain unprecedented access into the biggest projects in the market.  In a period of 45 years SOMATREF has a predominant share in manufacturing Wire Drawing, Galvanized Wire and there Derived Products in multiple product lines that are suitable for the market.

SOMATREF is one of the first Moroccan companies in the drawing and galvanized wire sector that meets quality, safety and environmental requirements and controls. The expansion and modernization of our busi­ness focuses on product quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty and can only be a syno­nym of our commitment to be continually competitive

Open talks about Somatref by Mr. Melwin Andrew.

Why you choose Somatref that it will be the right company a part of other companies in selecting top 3 lists?

  • Somatref have multiple product lines that are suitable for the market. Since we have 127 Sub Categories from 27 Product Category, Somatref can cater to 5 different product categories. Hence, we chose Somatref among other recommendations in the same categories.


How do you think Somatref will benefit from the conference sessions, apart from meetings?

  • In the Panel discussions “One Trade One Africa” & “Global Designs for Africa Design for Africa Designers” by PACCI and other Government Supporters like National Construction Authority of Kenya, Morocco Green Building Council giving a clear explanation on trade polices how to expand out of morocco and how to trade easily with various African countries, by overcoming the challenges and do business easily in North Africa.  I’m sure Somatref will have a lot of take away from the conference sessions as well.


What is Somatref’s initial response when they heard about Manufacturers Meet Africa 2018?

  • They are lot of other events happening in Africa, hence it becomes all the more challenging in gaining trust from suppliers. However, as the event is endorsed by PACCI (Pan African Chamber Of Commerce), companies like Somatref, have entrusted their confidence in us delivering a good event for them. It was initially to and fro until we were able to hit a common ground on our positive association.

What is your opinion on Somatref?

  • We are interested to work with Somatref because they are aggressive and actively looking to grow their business in North Africa. It works both ways, we are looking to deliver accurate meetings and networking opportunities for Somatref and closely monitor the progress of each meetings to eventually guarantee conversion.

How will Somatref benefit from participation in Manufacturers Meet Africa?

  • Manufacturers Meet will help Somatref reach 80 Project Holders holding Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Government projects in the region. Also, based on mutual selections, we are aiming to organize effective meetings and work hand-inhand from thereon to see conversions


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