GPON Technology Market Worth 11.07 Billion USD by 2023

GPON Technology Market Worth 11.07 Billion USD by 2023 The major factors driving the growth of the GPON technology market include high demand for GPON network for triple-play services, advancement in  GPON technologies, rising adoption of NG-PON2 for 5G mobile network mobile backhaul, and advancements in the GPON technology. These factors are expected to propel the growth of the GPON technology market during the forecast period. Optical network terminal expected to hold the largest market share between 2017 and 2023 Optical network terminal (ONT), also known as optical network unit (ONU), is an important networking hardware installed at the user premise for the transmission of traffic through GPON. Its main function is to convert optical signal transmitted via optical fiber to electrical signals that are forwarded to business and residential users. The GPON technology market is expected to be led by the ONT component in terms of volume and value during the forecast period. Further, the increasing number of users availing data, video, and voice services is expected to propel the ONT
component market growth further. GPON technology market for mobile backhaul application expected to grow at
the highest CAGR during the forecast period Among the optical fiber technologies available for mobile backhaul, GPON is increasingly being deployed because of its capability to allow telecom operators to increase their bandwidth capacity, maintain the quality of service and reliability, and reduce the operational cost. The additional benefits offered by GPON for the mobile backhaul application include efficient topology, minimal hardware requirement,
scalability, redundancy, and synergy using the existing fixed line access. The increasing adoption of GPON for mobile backhauling makes the economies of GPON more attractive to network operators. The additional benefits offered by
GPON, including the increasing penetration of 4G and 5G mobile services, are expected to play a key role in increasing the demand for GPON for mobile backhaul applications.