21st World Congress on Psychology and Behavioral Science

Conference name -21st World Congress on Psychology and Behavioral Science
Short name – Psychology 2018
Venue- San Antonio, USA
Date- November 14-15, 2018
21st World Congress on Psychology and Human behaviour (Psychology- 2018) is a constructive conference structured by PULSUS. The conference provides a detail information on Psychology and human behaviour. Human behaviour is the most difficult to understand, the evolution of human occurred throughout these years and thus the behaviour also. Human mind tends to change at every situation and it is difficult to analyse. Psychologists are people who tend to understand human behaviour and thus provide a solution to it. The mystery of mind remains challenge to many researchers. Thus, we invite all the Researchers and people who are interested in the field of Psychology and Behavioral Science to share information on approaches and recent technologies in the respective field.
Website URL- http://psychology-behavioral-sciences.pulsusconference.com/

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